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Another Moral Suicide

Life is Pain

8 January 1987
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scabies and gentlemen...from all the way from the back of the food stamp line, and straight out of muthafuckin' Lo-Ca$h...its the good.

Making Baby Jesus cry since 1987.
666, 7 seconds, a dead resistance, a global threat, adolescents, against all authority, against me!, alec, american distress, american nightmare, an albatross, anarchism, anti-capitalism, anti-democracy, anti-democrat, anti-fascist, anti-homophobe, anti-imperialism, anti-police state, anti-racism, anti-racist, anti-republican, anti-state, antisect, aqua teen hunger force, ara, atheism, aus-rotten, bad brains, bakunin, bane, battle royal, big d, black flag, bob marley, bob saget squad, body count, boondock saints, born against, catch 22, choking victim, circle jerks, communism, conflict, crack rock steady, crack rock steady 7, crass, crucifix, crust, dead babies, dead boys, dead kennedys, descendents, donnie darko, evil corn, exploding neck syndrome, exploited, ezra, f minus, f-minus, fear, fight club, flux of pink indians, frylock, give up the ghost, hardcore, hepcat, icons of filth, iggy and the stooges, indk, infinite justice, johnny thunders, jonee earthquake band, killing cops, killing hippies, leftover crack, lord of the rings, marx, master shake, mc5, meatwad, minor threat, misfits, morning glory, music, nazism, new york dolls, nietzches, nihilism, no ca$h, no cash, nofx, old anti-flag, operation ivy, pil, playing in my bands, pro-choice, public image limited, punk, punk rock, ramones, rap, reggae, resistance, rudimentary peni, rydells, satan, satanism, sex pistols, showcase showdown, shows, sizzlechets, ska, ska-core, skanking, skarmy of darkness, slam dancing, slc punk, social distortion, stand and fight, star wars, streetlight manifesto, stza, subhumans, suicide, suicide machines, teen idles, ten yard fight, the casualties, the clash, the danny tanners, the distillers, the germs, the paper chase, the rydells, the showcase showdown, the silent treatment, the ska band, the specials, the stooges, the unseen, thunder asunder, toxic narcotic, tsol